Excel Elise Disability Stroller Review

I recently purchased a Excel Elise disabled pushchair after trying to find a more competitively priced replacement for my son’s existing Maclaren Major Elite special needs stroller that we have had for a number of years. My son’s needs (who is now 7) are that he can only walk short distances and having a traditional wheelchair is not really what we need currently hence us using a disabled pushchair already for few years since he was 3, no doubt over time this will change. Whilst the Maclaren Major Elite was a decent design and has lasted very well over the time we have owned it but as with most families these days we are working to a tight budget and every penny saved is always welcomed. After doing some research and speaking to a few of the other Mum’s at my son’s school I was pointed to the direction of MobiQuip who supply all types of mobility equipment including special needs pushchairs.

A friend of mine had recently purchased the Excel Elise from MobiQuip and was over the moon with the quality and cost compared to the cost of the Maclaren Major Elite. She had purchased her Excel Elise a couple of months previously after they found themselves being in exactly the same situation as us and wanting to save that all important cash but not compromising the everyday needs or of course comfort for her daughter.

The design and style of the Excel Elite is in my opinion equal to the Maclaren Major Elite and any other disabled pushchair that I have seen or used in the past. I really like the simple design and the ability to collapse it within seconds allowing us to put it in and out of the boot of the car quickly. The features on the Excel Elise are very similar or in most cases exactly the same as the Maclaren Major Elite, the wheels swivel at the front making it easy to turn and manoeuvre. On days out my son will eat and drink in our stroller and sometimes there is the occasional spillage but it is really easy to wipe the Excel Elise down as the seating material is great quality and the frame is also really easy to clean. We searched a lot of different companies trying to find disabled pushchairs and out of all of them MobIQuip were the most helpful, they made buying from them very easy and the free delivery took just a few days from ordering. We paid £175 (not including the VAT) we are because of my son’s condition are exempt from VAT and this saved us another 20% We paid a fair amount more than this for our Maclaren Major Elite.

Overall we are extremely happy with the Excel Elite, the quality is exceptional and the cost is fantastic. Value for money on this special needs stroller and the service received from the people at MobiQuip is nothing short of amazing!!!

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